CodeGen Wizard

  • Choose Language
  • Choose Technology Stack
  • Choose Transformer
  • Add Metadata
  • Generate Code

Step 1: Language

Choose your favorite programming language from the supported languages list to start the Smart-API AppStudio experience.

If your favorite programming language is not supported yet please contact us.

Step 2: Technology Stacks

Choose your favorite technology stack from the supported technology stacks list.

Technology stack with this icon indicates that full application can be generated using this technology.

If your favorite technology stack is not supported yet please contact us.

Step 3: Transformer (Layer)

Which layer do you want to generate for your app? e.g. View, Model, Controller, Service...

Got different layers in your app? contact us for customized layers.

Step 4: Metadata

  1. Enter a name for the .
  2. Press on the Add Field button to add your metadata.
  3. Enter a name for the field.
  4. Choose the data type from the dropdown menu.
  5. If the field is required, click on the required checkbox.
  6. Press on advanced to set add more details such as:
    • User interface settings (color, width, height...).
    • Setting the field as a list of values.
    • Setting the field to be in relation with another view.

Step 4: Metadata Import/Export

This gives a YML representation for the given metadata, you can keep a copy of metadata and import it any time.

  1. Press the Copy To Clipboard button to copy the YML code.
  2. Paste valid YML code in the text area and press the Import YML button to import it.
  3. Press the Cancel button to discard changes and go back to the metadata page.

Step 5: Code

The generated code is ready to use.

  • Press the Copy button to copy the code into existing project.
  • Press the Download button to download the generated code.
  • Press the Download button As Full project to download a production ready project containing the generated code.

If the generated code does not meet your needs? contact us for customized code templates.

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